Week 10 Results

Last week of the first part of the year now that we have had 10 weeks of racing, and good racing it has been. This week was no exception with battles at the top of all groups. Victor and Ryan were fighting for points in Gp 1, Dillon and Jack in Gp 2 and Duncan and Dan...

Week 9 Results

Numbers dropped significantly this week but that did not mean that the racing was not as good. There were only seven riders in Gp 1 but they were all well matched and all the races were contested by the whole group. Sid Wilson, Ryan Oldfield and Victor Lau battling...

Week 8 Results

I thought there were some really good competitive races this week - well done everyone. We have a new leader in the league with Victor now topping the table but with Ryan Oldfield not that far behind after winning two of the three races. Not bad for a youngster riding...



We organise track racing at Derby Arena for both adults and youths. 

The adult league runs for a 12 month period and we plan to have two 10 week seasons – January to March and September to November – with racing on a Tuesday evening. Warm up at 18.30, racing from 19.00 to 22.00
The adult league has four groups. The fastest is Group 1, where riders are approaching national standard, and Group 4 is the slowest. Group 4 riders are restricted to a max 92 inch gear to ensure a relatively uniform standard of racing for the older or less experienced.

Track League Points are given for the first eight riders in each race
Gp 1 – 32, 28, 24, 20, 16, 12, 8, 4
Gp 2 – 24, 21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3
Gp 3 – 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2
Gp 4 – 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Entries are  through the British Cycling website and open on the Tuesday two weeks before each event and close at noon on the Friday before. 

Late entries may be accepted by email. The fee for late entries on a Friday is £13, Later it goes up in stages to £20 on Monday.

The Youth league runs during the spring and autumn as the senior league but at fortnightly intervals on a Thursday evening from 19.00 to 22.00




To race in either of the leagues riders must be registered and it is important that all are technically competent to race on the track. To register follow this link –

For the senior league rider must hold a UK track accreditation and have demonstrated to Derby Arena coaches at SQT sessions that they are suitable to ride at track league. For riders from other tracks we can do other checks to confirm ability

For the Youth league we seek approval from British Cycling coaches

Fees for 12 months:

  • DATYL – £20
  • DAYTL – £5

Registration is through the British Cycling Systems and can be found by searching when registration is open. During the racing season registration enquiries can be made by e-mail and may be accepted if there is space in the group.





These notes summarise the different races that we use at Derby Arena Track League. They are based on both British Cycling and UCI regulations but may differ slightly. Do not use these to replace governing body regulations

Scratch Race

A race for a group of riders. The first rider over the finish line wins. The winner shall always complete the appropriate distance of the Race. Lapped riders need not fulfil lost laps and will be placed in relation to the winner. The bell shall be rung to indicate the last lap for all riders.


The Elimination Race is an individual race in which the last rider in each intermediate sprint is eliminated. After each sprint the last rider, according to the position of his rear wheel on the finishing line, shall be eliminated. If one or more riders are lapped or abandon the race between sprints, they shall be the riders eliminated in the next sprint. In certain cases, the commissaires may decide to eliminate a rider other than the last rider in the sprint (for example, if a rider passes on the blue band).  In all cases, the decision on which riders shall be eliminated must be made and announced prior to the riders crossing the pursuit line on the back straight after the elimination sprint. If no decision can be made by this time, then no riders shall be eliminated until the next sprint. This shall be indicated by a green flag on the start line. The fact that a rider may gain a lap shall not count.
Depending on the size of the group eliminations may be every lap or every second lap. If every second lap the bell will ring on the lap before each elimination. Normally the eliminated rider will be shown on the scoreboard. Please look at the scoreboard as you go down the back straight.

Win & Out 

The Win & Out is a version of a scratch race but with sprints at pre determined intervals, with the winner of the first sprint being awarded 1st place overall and then retires, the winner of the second sprint gaining second place overall and retiring etc. At the end the remaining places are awarded according to the positions over the line.

Riders who gain a lap before a sprint will be considered to be at the head of the race and the leading one of these riders will be the winner of a sprint.

Reverse Win & Out

Like the Win & Out this is a variation of a scratch race. At DATL the winner of the first sprint is awarded 8th place overall, the second sprint 7th place. Once having won a sprint the rider retires. At the end of the race the first over the line is the winner overall, 2nd placed is second etc.

Riders who gain a lap before a sprint will be considered to be at the head of the race and the leading one of these riders will be the winner of a sprint.

Points Race

This race is won by gaining points at sprints during the race and by gaining laps. There will be sprints at pre determined intervals during the race with the bell or whistle being sounded on the lap before a sprint. The first four riders over the line score respectively 5, 3, 2 & 1 points, with double points being awarded at the final sprint.

Riders gaining a lap on the main bunch are awarded 20 points and riders losing a lap lose 20 points. There are new rules for the ringing of the bell, particularly when a lap is gained on a sprint lap. See

Sprint rules apply on every sprint lap

Tempo Race

The Tempo Race is a speciality in which the final placings are determined according to accumulated points won by riders during the sprints and by taking laps.

After the first 5 laps, sprints shall be conducted every lap. After the completion of four laps, the bell will be rung to indicate the start of the sprint laps.

The first rider in each sprint shall be awarded 1 point, including for the final sprint. Any rider that gains a lap on the main field is awarded 20 points. Any rider that loses a lap on the main field is deducted 20 points..

Sprint rules apply on every sprint lap

DATL – Laps will be judged to be gained when riders are within drafting distance of the bunch. If there are rider(s) hanging off the back waiting for each sprint you may be given the lap if the gap becomes too small. The Head of Race will be indicated so that you know if this has happened.



Results DATL

DATL Results and the current league table for 2024 can be found here and in the news tab.

Results for the 2023 season can be found here

Results for the 2022 season can be found here.

Results DAYTL

DAYTL  2024 Results can be found here 

Results from 2023 are here


Club Committee Members:

1. Chair Mark Scothern
2. Treasurer Neil Lawford
3. Secretary Sue Twelves
4. Race Organiser

Neil Lawford


5. Volunteer Coordinator Graham Burke
6. Committee member Mark Fardon
7. League registrar Owain Lovell
8. PR/Media Jo Lifford
9. Committee member
11. Youth League Rep Alex McCristal
12. Rider Representative A Josh Gilbert
13. Rider Representative A Josh Todd
14. Rider Representative B Euan Bell
15. Rider Representative B
16. Rider Representative C Carl Allsop
17. Rider Representative C
18. Rider Representative D Sarra Boyd
19. Rider Representative D
20 British Cycling – Advisor


Club Information

Sue Twelves is the Track League Welfare Officer and Safeguarding Lead.

It is important that if any person – adult or child – has any concerns about the behaviour of any of the club’s members or officials they are able to speak in confidence to the Club Welfare officer who has received training specifically for this role.